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Are phones essential? 15 July, 2008

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Yesterday I read that 50% of the world’s population has never used a phone. Makes ya think.


Help! 30 June, 2008

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Hollywood theme party on Saturday night and I need ideas. I’m thinking it’ll be easier to dress as a Hollywood character from a movie, rather than try and look like a Hollywood actor.

But I don’t watch too many movies and certainly don’t read magazines… any suggestions on who/what I can dress up as?


Tricks 26 June, 2008

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Have you ever had a trick played on you that you were glad about? See what IT boys get up to in their spare (work) time. My Grandmother’s hat was a hit for Melbourne Cup day in 2006!

PS. Yes it’s been a while. The second half of 2008 is going to be less busy than the first half. I’m gonna get me some Mel time.


Guess who I saw… 11 May, 2008

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…on Saturday in West End. This guy!


Love Poetry Hate Racism 10 May, 2008

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Poetry: “the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.” That sounds like a poem to me!

The Love Poetry Hate Racism night recently at The Globe exceeded expectations. A friend who came along said it was the best night out she’d had in a long time. She also said that she’d been writing some words since that night and even her “inner dialogue” was poetry. How beautiful!

The space for the audience at The Globe is a sloped carpeted floor, with room to chill out and even lie down. It matched the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

The night was proof that poetry is far from its reputation of being dull and boring; it is full of life, passion and fun. The Brisbane poetry scene is particularly exciting at the moment with lots of stuff going on and so open to new people on the scene.

I was enthralled by the use of the music and poetry, and it got me into Brissie band The Golden Virtues. A fun and inspirational night; can’t wait for next year’s Love Poetry Hate Racism.

Here’s the poem I read during the open mic section (that I wrote that day!):


What race are you?
What defines the race you belong to?
Is it the shape of your nose
Or the colour of your skin,
Your hair
There’s no DNA difference there.

The only race I know
Is the human race.

So don’t let others fool you
Into believing the stories about other races –
The arms race
Drugs race
Race for oil
And now
The race for water and for food.

They’re all just races
Designed to dominate
And people’s inability
To appreciate
To accept
To take action
To understand
That not everyone
Belongs to the same
Lowest common denominator
As themselves.

So many issues get reduced to race,
Creating wars
Racism –
Highlighting the differences between you and me
And what could be
A sweet relationship
Among members of Earth’s race…

Instead it’s become
An ‘us’ and ‘them’
And who are we
To be party of reality
When all we want is the imaginary world of
Peace, not war.

Well I’m going to choose my lines
While I fight with words
I Love Poetry, and Hate Racism.


Fun for who?! 27 April, 2008

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I saw a sex shop in the Valley the other day called “Adult Shop”, and one of their ways to lure people in was with a sign saying “Fun for Grown Ups”. I thought they clarified their target audience in the name of the shop already…


Lesson for today 19 April, 2008

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Don’t assume that the other person waiting at the bus stop will hail the bus – it is likely that the bus will go past without stopping.